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New machine vision inspection bundles using Dell industrial solutions

New low cost inspection bundles

Dell PC 5000.png

OneBoxVision has teamed up with Dell to offer industrial inspection with global support, at a price performance point that is a first in the industry. Visit us at ICE USA to discuss, and we will explain how you can deploy inspection on 5,10 or 30 lines at a fraction of the cost from incumbent suppliers.
Each unit includes:

  1. Industrial PC from Dell
  2. Vision processor
  3. Industrial grade data and power cables
  4. ImageFlow for surface or print inspection

Combine this with our vision as a service to support the project roll out and life cycle of the product, and our vision cloud services that enable advanced analytics. Now you can access your inspection data for customer service or for lean manufacturing processes.

Customer support and claims can deal with quality complaints from customers using images and data proving the state of the products as they left the factory.  Learn more

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