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New high speed print inspection system

OneBoxVision has released it's latest print inspection processor. Processing color video at up to 1Gbyte per second, our new pipeline processor cannot be matched for price performance. The system supports single or dual color cameras providing up to 15k pixels in full color and uses ImageFlow , the only commercial software inspection solution for web and sheets.

Imageflow is a machine vision solution for the  flexible packaging industry that provides that  productivity boost while  reducing total cost of ownership. Inspect incoming substrates as they are unwound, or as they are coated or laminated and as they are printed.

Key applications ImageFlow can be used for:

  • Print inspection and visualization on the printing press
  • LAB color monitoring of the print run
  • Varnish and UV coating inspection
  • Inspection of the plastic film, paper or foil substrate
  • Perforation inspection for breathable film
  • Seam and perforation inspection for bag machines
  • Repeat length monitoring
  • Registration verification and control
  • Web tracking and width verification
  • Plate or cylinder verification using pdf to image verification
  • Seam inspection on pouching machines
  • ID/2D Code verification and serialization support
  • Rewinder/Slitter  automation for inspection or automated waste removal

Industry 4.0 

The new system is designed to support Industry 4.0 features such as cloud archival, interfaces to 3rd party analytics and remote support. Click below to learn more about our approach.

Download our paper on Inspection 4.0

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