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Incorporating Deep Learning will change how robots are deployed 

It is finally becoming a reality  that incorporating Deep Learning at the Edge has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way robots are deployed in manufacturing operations and machine vision systems.  The aggressive move by robot manufacturers to reduce costs make end of line inspection by intelligent robots possible to provide a payback. 

Cobots and deep learning

Today, every robotic application program applies the experiential knowledge of a human expert to account for every possible situation that may arise in the manufacturing operation. So if you can envision the application incorporating innumerable “it then” statements throughout the body of the application it is only possible to make a robot marginally adaptive in a production environment. By injecting Deep Learning into the mix, it becomes possible is to make a robot adaptive and biological in nature.  

Robots for end of line inspection

Initially, applications will be applied to improve upon the decision making for robotics systems to locate and pick work pieces using vision systems. However, the future of Deep Learning combined with AI has an increasing number of possibilities as the collaboration of robots and humans becomes more prevalent. And as increasingly more robots are simultaneously collaborating on a work piece, a localized AI system will simplify the application programming for these relatively complex applications.

Robots using AI as end of line inspectors

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