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Inspection 4.0 for plastic film extruders

ASIX - Inspection 4.0 for plastic film

Industry 4.0 requirements are now a staple element of modern industrial automation solutions.For inspection systems this translated into the ability to conform to automation standards and integrate with historians while supplying real time data for analytics. To this end we have developed a complete video data archival capability that conforms to ISA 95 automation standards.

 Typical manufacturing operations are split according to Enterprise, Site and Line. Each layer has its own priorities and goals. OneBoxVision has developed a suite of technologies and services that address all of these while lowering capital expenditure costs and reducing risk.


  •  Enterprise: Quality management & standardization - At a corporate level, the goal is to deliver consistent yields and faultless products across several plants while improving the ability to win new business! Global customers will expect shipments to come from different plants to minimize risk. The Corporation needs to standardize information about quality levels at different sites, to access quality process control data to measure continuous improvements (=> 6s / Kaizen programs), and to have a real time view on asset utilization so as to understand the net return on assets.
  • SITE LEVEL: Yield management- The site as an entity needs to maximize yield management. Faulty deliveries result in direct AND indirect penalties (penalty grade system used by most multinational clients). Repeated deliveries with minor quality will reduce order volumes, and lead to loss of eligibility for additional contracts while incurring the cost of replacement. OneBoxVision delivers the tools to guarantee quality from printing to shipping.
  • LINE LEVEL: Waste reduction- inspection systems can eliminate customer claims and reduce run time waste. The key at line level is to identify the best location and what strategy is going to be employed once defective product is identified.

So what can OneBoxVision deliver?

  • Stop embarrassing defects being delivered to customers
  • Identify repeating defects as quickly as possible
  • Improve the quality of substrates
  • Reduce waste , remove inline waste and push make ready waste to a minimum
  • Improve yields by early intervention in the process and tools to enable improvements
  • Support standardization across process lines and sites so as to guarantee consistency
  • Empower CI and Lean Manufacturing requirements by providing up to the minute enterprise level statistics.
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