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Inspecting plastic film with perforations while doing a 100% optical inspection on the complete width

Inspecting plastic film with perforations

Often extruders are now perforating their substrate to enable produce to breath or other niche requirements. The issue for the manufacturer is how to inspect the film and perforations without alarming every hole. If the area is simply masked then if the perforations are not present or expand the extruder will never know.

Here is what we have done at OneBoxVision. We have built an application that can run all of the following at the same time.

Demonstration of perforated hole inspection inspection


Some key points about perforated hole inspection.

  • You can define as many tools as you wish. So if you are punching several columns of holes in the substrate, you can define a tool for each column of holes
  • You can run other tools with the perforated analysis. In fact the surface inspection tool  for plastic film works with this tool, ignoring the holes as defects unless they extend beyond the maximum size defined in the perforation settings.
  • The perforated holes analysis can work at any resolution. It is the number of cameras, the width of the web, the speed of the line that define the minimum size of the hole to check.


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