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ImageFlow running on BitFlow Processors

ImageFlow 7.71 now supports the complete range of Neon, Axion and Aon processors from BitFlow. Building line scan applications is always a challenge knowing how to trigger, synchronize multiple cameras and then of course stitch and blend the images.

Neon series - label and surface inspection

The image processing card support starts with the Neon. This comes in three formats, the card below for single base CamLink cameras, ideal for low cost surface inspection or label inspection.
This same card has a dual and quad version also.

neon1Axion series - High speed print inspection

The second offered by OneBoxVision is the Axion series. This is used for higher speed applications such as inspecting flexible packaging using color cameras. Again the Axion has a single version which can be used for high speed label inspection and the unit below is the dual version offered as part of the PackFlow kit.

axion cl2Aon and Cyton - Advanced surface, print and metrology

The CoaxExpress solutions are for extremely high frame rates or for large and fast  line scan sensors. The unit below is the Cyton.cyton4

Bundle it 

Finally there is the option to bundle these  units into the OneBoxVision standard IPS from Vecow shown below.
RCX 1000

ImageFlow is a complete application inspection package that can be configured for all industrial applications without a requirement to code. As a user, you can be acquiring in hours rather than weeks and deploying a complete inspection system in days rather than months. Contact us now to learn more.

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