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ImageFlow 6.7 Released - New tools for converters

Building machine vision solutions can be complex. OneBoxVision's approach is to work with customers to specify the correct solution and to implement the feedback once installed. The more we spend with operators, the more we learn.

The image below shows two buttons that can be used to tag defects. Ignore allows an operator click on a defect and mark it as OK to ship and to stop the system alarming each time it is detected. This can be the case in Flexographic operations where there is a small plate defect that is not a reject. You can also flag a defect as critical and flag to for removal in a later process.


ImageFlow 6.7 has just been released and includes a complete suite of new features.

  1. Copy check - new algorithm that looks at copy defects, small drags and fill  on text. This is designed for printing operations to detect those small repeaters.
  2. Auto repeat - Print inspection systems require to be synchronized with a press. Often a sensor is required. ImageFlow does this automatically. 
  3. Click on defect, live view and template view all available from front screen, Zoom level maintained between all three
  4. Tag defect as critical added
  5. Tag defect to ignore for this inspection added
  6. Option to interface bar code scanner and prompt user for Job ID of last run on stop and knife cut
  7. Rewind option to stop on critical defects only
  8. Simple way to transfer files from one system to another


The key to improving your process with vision systems is to build inspection solutions that work for your operation. We work with our clients to integrate inspection into the process. . Make sure to choose a vendor that can not only inspect your  product but also support smart converting. Download our white paper to learn more about Inspection 4.0 for converters..

Download our paper on Inspection 4.0
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