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How to specify a machine vision system

This article highlights the most important factors to be considered when specifying your machine vision system. 

 Specifying a machine vision system can be complex. We have tried to look at the key steps and create a simple slide deck for you to use as a guide. Even if working with a turnkey supplier like OneBoxVision it's always good to understand the process.

The presentation looks at the following key issues:

  • Which camera to use?
  • How to choose a lens?
  • What lighting to use?
  • What environmental issues to consider?


Key elements of any machine vision application that is used for defect detection is how to categorize your defects.

It's time to contact the experts:

It's important to understand the trade-offs involved when specifying an inspection system. It can be an advantage to work with an experienced integrator that is application focused like OneBoxVision.

We have developed a whitepaper around 'Specifying Your Machine Vision System', follow the link below to download this whitepaper. 

Download Specifying Your Vision System Whitepaper



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