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How to filter the results from your inspection system.

So you have been inspecting material using your 100% inspection system and you have gathered plenty of interesting results. What now? How can you view and analyze this data? OneBoxVision's Imageflow software gives you a variety of ways to visualize and analyze your inspection data, including exporting to Excel and viewing results in Imageflow's Inspection Browser.

What Results are collected by Imageflow?

Imageflow gathers detailed measurement information about every defect that was found during inspection,including:

  • Defect Type(Class)
  • Defect Size
  • Defect Position
  • Defect Intensity

Information is also gathered about the operation of each tool in the software.
The data gathered varies from tool to tool but generally follows the format:

  • Did the tool pass/fail on each frame?
  • If the tool failed,why did it fail?

Accessing this data - Inspection Browser

The most efficient way to access your inspection data is through the Inspection Browser software.
This gives you three distinct tools that can be used to view your inspection data. As outlined in this blog post: 3 ways to perform defect visualization in a 100% inspection system. Each of these  tools in inspection browser allows you to filter by defect type, and tool. The "Measurement Table" contains in-depth information about results gathered by each tool.

Filter_Measurement Table.png

The table above is an example of a measurement table generated during an inspection, all distance  values are in calibrated units (millimetres/metres) and intensity values are in grayscale(-255>255)

Compile your own reports - Excel

What if you or your company want to compile your own reports from inspection data? Imageflow offers excel report generation, which outputs all inspection data to an excel file. Each sheet in the excel file contains data belonging to a specific tool used during inspection. You can then apply your own Excel macros and analysis on this data.

Export to Excel.png

excel example.png



As experts in machine vision and 100% inspection systems, OneBoxVision know how important it is to be able to review and analyze your inspection data. This is why we have included extensive analytic tools in our Inspection Browser software along with a method of generating Excel Reports

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