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How to choose the best location for an inspection system?

Choosing the best location to install an inspection system on your production line can often be a difficult decision. The key factors in choosing where to install your inspection system are discussed in this article.  

It does not matter if you are installing a surface inspection system, a print inspection system or a smart camera to track a sheet or web edges, the act of choosing a location for your vision system solution should be considered as part of an infrastructure plan. 

Often users choose a location best suited in reaction to the pressure from the production or sales department to solve an issue that a customer has complained about. If a person suffers from knee joint issues, a physio will work on the glutes on the upper leg to solve that issue. The quality problem is also often a symptom of some upstream weakness. 

Vision mapping is a process where each location is analyzed to achieve the following:

  1. Identify the appropriate vision solution for each location.
  2. What should be measured, stored and how it should connect to upstream and downstream processes?
  3. Assigning the priority of the roll out to achieve key business goals.

 Each point on a vision map should have its own local map. The map should address: 

  1. Process - What are the hidden process control benefits for this location?
  2. Operator - What are the benefits for day to day operation if installed?
  3. Next Process - What gains can be achieved for the next process?
  4. Business - What would this installation achieve in real business terms?

The following table is an example of a local map.



Next Process


Data for root cause analysis.

Real time alert.

Acceleration through smart analysis.

Customer support.

Classification of alerts.


Reduce downtime.



Increase throughput.


Real time optimization.


Yes, it’s important to consider space, the envelope for installation, if the product can be presented properly. These are all tactical concerns. However the strategical objectives need to be outlined and the tactics adopted to meet those strategies. To read more download our whitepaper on building vision networks.

Download planning a vision system network

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