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Operator Assist

Learn about how Operator Assist allows the operator to view a Full-Screen video of the material while being inspected in real-time. We added a new button to ImageFlow RT to launch the screen.


Printing press operators want to view the web as much and as quickly as possible. ImageFlow now supports a second screen while the system is inspecting.   The operator can select any point on the web and the update is instantaneous. 

Operator assist

We have added four modes within the Operator Assist panel:

  1. Zoom to Fit -Zooms in or out so the operator can see the entire web on screen.
  2. Assign Focus - Assigns the current view in the main Imageflow screen to the operator screen. For example, if zoomed in on a defect in the main Imageflow screen, selecting Assign Focus will project that area of the web onto the Operator Assist. This can be useful to the operator to monitor this area of the web for repeating defects
  3. Patrol - Shows a magnified view of the web and shifts this view around the web at regular intervals. This allows the operator to have a rolling, dynamic view of the web available at all times .This moving view can be paused, rewound or moved forward by using the relevant buttons in the Operator Assist panel
  4. Picture-in-Picture - Shows a magnified section of the web in the bottom right hand corner, independent of the rest of the Operator Assist screen. This allows the operator to “Assign Focus” to one area of the web while using “Zoom to Fit” or “Patrol Modes” on the rest of the screen.

Control Panel

The Operator Assist Control Panel can be accessed from the “Magnifying Glass” icon on the main Imageflow Screen.


  1. Start Patrol Mode
  2. Pause Patrol Mode
  3. Rewind Patrol Mode(Go to Last View)
  4. Forward Patrol Mode(Go to Next View)
  5. Zoom In
  6. Zoom Out
  7. Zoom to Fit
  8. Assign Focus(Takes position & zoom from main Imageflow screen.
  9. Start Picture In Picture (Uses the same positon & zoom from Assign Focus)
  10. Hide Picture-In-Picture


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