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LAB Color at low cost for printers

OneBoxVision has  released online color monitoring for printing applications in ImageFlow. Now an operator can define multiple points on a job and measure the LAB value on each and every repeat. This is a simple to use and an absolute requirement for industrial printing applications. This capability enables long run color verification and also supports color standardization across lines and sites.

Set up multiple points

Once a job is in specification, simply point and click to learn. Assign a name to the point. The area to be measured is adjustable.


Monitor and trend during the job

The system will trend every repeat so that you can see in the machine direction the variance in the color quality of the points being monitored. This is plotted using DeltaE as a basis. Beneath the trend the value of each point is shown in a color gamut display.

Main Screen

Early warning of color drift

The system will warn the operator of color drift. Green is OK, Yellow a warning and Red is out of specification. The thresholds can be stored based on the contract requirements per print job.

Main Screen(Warning) crop

Record for process control

All measurements are recorded so as to enable a certificate of compliance and also for use as a process control parameter for manufacturing optimization.

Measurement Table-1

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