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Business values of upgrading your old surface inspection systems.

The business values asscoiated with a surface inspection system are not only financial. This article details the financial benefits but also the corr benefits associated with a system upgrade.

What are the business benefits of upgrading my old systems?

There are a number of benefits listed below to upgrading old systems. It is also possible when upgrading an old system to extend capability. Look at adding extra measure capabilities as part of a project. For example adding an additional camera to track edge quality, or front to back register on an old print inspection system will add value.

Financial benefits

The key benefit is to elongate the lifetime a historically productive asset and subsequently dramatically increasing the NROA (Net Return On Asset). The cost of new equipment can be expensive making it a long and slow decision also increasing the risk for the purchaser.


Lower Risk



Upgrading a system that currently operates satisfactory can be a low risk approach. The goal of such an upgrade could be to increase productivity and to enable data integration.

Low Impact

Often when performing an upgrade, existing mechanical and civil engineering structures can be used. This means that there is little impact to the process line.

Fast Results

The procurement of new equipment can take time in comparison to a simple upgrade, which in turn means that the benefit of the upgrade is evident quickly.


Upgrading old equipment will allow these older process lines be integrated into modern IT systems enabling IOT solutions and smart converting.

Reduce Maintenance

Older system may have parts that are prone to failure. An example of this is many older system use fluorescent lights that fade with use and need to be replaced frequently. It is not always possible just to go out and buy a florescent that fits the profile as the ones used may have special characteristics. Upgrading to LED lights will remove such issues.

Increase Productivity

There has been a marked improvement in the software design and levels of automation with modern optical inspection systems. The time required to configure new products, switch over during production and the actual execution time of the inspection should result in improved OEE.


As operations grow and the proliferation of inspection solutions continue to increase, the ability to look at upgrades is crucial. It is no longer an option to buy and replace when there are many lines. The purpose of this paper is not to give you a complete guide on how to do and what it costs, it is to stimulate the discussions that need to be had when considering such an investment. Each upgrade should be looked at for its merit and financial benefit. Risk should also be considered.

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