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Big Data comes to plastic inspection

OneBoxVision has developed its vision application library so it seamlessly integrates with Amazon's Cloud infrastructure, allowing inspection data to be backed up and analyzed 



Imageflow's cloud integration brings a whole new dimension to plastic film inspection, the benefits of this to 100% inspection systems are abundant:

  • Defect Images and measurement data can be backed up indefinitely
  • Measurement data is available to be analyzed by Business Intelligence software
  • Images can be used for warranty claim reviews and improved root cause analysis
  • Comply with #FDA21 CFR Part 11 audit trails to help protect against warranty claims.


Imageflow Integration - Backup & Disk Manager

So how does OneBoxVision's vision application utilize Amazon Web Services?

Backup & Disk Manager.png

  • Your own space in the cloud - When you buy a subscription license from OneBoxVision, we create & designate an Amazon S3 bucket just for your inspections.
  • Imageflow does all the work- Imageflow is then linked to this bucket and thus all inspections are automatically backed up to the Amazon Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Manage your memory with Disk Manager - Disk Manager then works together with this backup service, so after an inspection has been backed up, files can be deleted from your PC, freeing up space on your hard-disk.

    These files can then be retrieved from the Amazon Cloud with the click of a button.

Download from S3.png


Big Data & Vision

Integrating a vision application with cloud services is a unique innovation by OneBoxVision. this adds additional functionality for engineers, quality assurance and managers.

The inherent scaleability of cloud services mean that data from multiple sites can be backed up to the Amazon Cloud, where it can be stored and analyzed and as such, processes with similar defects and OEE trends can be spotted and improved throughout the organization.



With OneBoxVision's integration of Machine Vision & Big Data, we have brought exciting new capabilities to 100% inspection systems. Back up your data indefinitely, access your data wherever/whenever you want and fight back against customer claims.


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