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Avoid buying a vision system that will become obsolete

Too often does a well organized project engineer specify exactly what is required, purchases the equipment, and finds out after two years that they cannot get upgrades or spares. The key to a solid net return on your asset and to avoid obsolete equipment in the future is to plan your vision system purchase as if you are building a vision network. 

  • Discover 38 questions to guarantee your product life cycle when purchasing a vision solution.
  • Understand the technologies used in how to build vision systems.
  • Follow best practice to make sure your investment is " IOT and Industry 4.0"  ready.

 The image below list the key goals when purchasing an expensive 100% inspection solution.


The diagram below shows the layout of a standard inspection system. There are three key elements.

  1. Camera system 
  2. LED Lighting system 
  3. Image processing system
  4. Software


What do you need to know?

  • The key questions to ask about each element 
  • How to identify potential pitfalls
  • The standards that are used in the machine vision industry
  • How machine vision software communicates with your automation network


OneBoxVision's approach to machine vision is to deploy and service it as an industrial IT project. The goal of each delivery is to use commercial off the shelf components and to make sure there is no single component that cannot be substituted for an agreed % cost of the overall system purchase. 

Download whitepaper on avoiding obsolescence


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