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Automatic sheet inspection system from OneBoxVision

OneBoxVision releases it's new automatic sheet inspection system. Watch the video below to see our latest software operatre an interface with a collaborative robot to automate sheet handling and marking. 

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Making it easy to inspect and measure plastic film

OneBoxVision releases it's for Machine Vision Application library for the plastic industry

OneBoxVision offers a complete suite of software solutions for both cast and blown extrusion processes.  Our line, site and enterprise solutions allow your plant to start small and expand to all lines quickly while reducing the cost per line dramatically.

 Cast or Blown Extrusion


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Surface inspection is now standard on plastic extrusion lines

Inspection is now standard in the plastic industry!

The modern extrusion and converting/laminating lines now use surface inspection systems as standard. Your customers demand 100% quality control.  All plastic film include some level of contaminates, arising from the production process or due to the nature of Polymers. Therefore gels are only a question of resolution. Extrusion and converting lines classify many defect types such as gels, black specs, fish eyes, holes, oil stains, insects, scratches, coating voids, air bubbles etc. These all originate from different issues but most all can have an impact on the further processing. 

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Inspect plastic film for defects

OneBoxVision has integrated a complete family of low cost GigE cameras for web inspection. The new awaiba sensor family has reduced the cost of high speed imaging. By producing large sensor arrays, it is now  possible to deploy a web inspection system with little to no machine vision experience, providing your organisation advanced tecnology at a fraction of the cost.

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Gel Counting for plastic films


Gel counting is a common requirement for plastic film web and sheet producers. This article details the different applications that OneBoxVision offer for Gel counting. 

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LAB Color Measurement for Printing

Just released online color monitoring for printing applications in ImageFlow. Now an operator can define multiple points on a job and measure the LAB value on each and every repeat.

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New high speed print inspection system

OneBoxVision has released it's latest print inspection processor. Processing color video at up to 1Gbyte per second, our new pipeline processor cannot be matched for price performance. The system supports single or dual color cameras providing up to 15k pixels in full color and uses ImageFlow , the only commercial software inspection solution for web and sheets.

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Packaging Inspection Software to be shown at PPMA in NEC Birmingham

One Box Vision will release Operator Assist at PPMA UK. Meet us at our UK partner - Bytronic Automation at stand C24. Learn about our new packaging inspection software for real time inspection of printed packaging and labels .

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A collection of great minds

Get together at One Box Vision

Great cook out on Friday July 6th for the gang at OneBoxVision. Beautiful weather , good food and of course beer. You cannot make great software unless you spend some time having fun and recharging.

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Minister of Education drops in to visit OneBoxVision

We get visitors all the time, but imagine my surprise to find the Minister Of Education in one of our work areas on Friday. Minister Richard Bruton is of course always welcome. He married a girl from Clonmel, the home town of OneBoxVision and was obviously passing through on his way back to the capital.

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