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ATE India becomes a OneBoxVision partner

 OneBoxVision is proud to announce it's latest partnership with A.T.E India. This article details the new working realationship between OneBoxVision Ltd. and A.T.E India

ATE India has become a OneBoxVision partner.  ATE will build inspection systems in India with support and expertise from OneBoxVision. The target markets will be flexible packaging, tag and label printing, and plastic film extrusion. For us at OneBoxVision this is another step for us to reach out to a global industry. ATE will license ImageFlow and in fact have already sent a complete team from India to Ireland to become certified in it's configuration and use. ImageFlow is an easy to use machine vision package developed by OneBoxVision for web and sheet inspection. 

The pictures below show ATE's VP Business Development shaking hands with OneBoxVisions CEO Conor O'Neill at ATE's stand in Drupa dusseldorf. The stand at Hall 13 A18 has a complete inspection system for demonstration to printing customers. OneBoxVision looks forward to a long and profitable relationship with ATE India. The picture below shows 




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