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3 ways to perform defect visualization in a 100% inspection system



Let's talk about defect visualization and how to use it in 100% inspection solutions,when performing inspections on any material there is always a desire to visualize the defects that are found. This is important as it enables an engineer to answer questions about defects found during inspection.

  • What type of defects were found?
  • Where were defects found?
  • What were the size/characteristics of the defects?




With these requirements in mind, the Imageflow software suite developed by OneBoxVision offers 3 distinct ways for you to perform defect visualization:

  1. Defect List
  2. Defect Map
  3. Measurement Table

The combination of the 3 tools gives Imageflow a powerful set of options for defect visualization. You can view defects in real-time during inspection or review after inspection has been completed in Imageflow's inspection browser. Each of these options allows you to filter defects by type(class) and by the tool that found the defect.

Defect List

The defect list in Imageflow allows you to view a list of defects found during inspection that updates in real-time.

Clicking on a defect from this defect list will show you an image of the defect, along with an indication of where the defect was found on the substrate.


defect list.png


Defect Map

The defect list provides a graphic representation of the entire inspected substrate, and shows the location of found defects. Clicking on a defect brings up an image of the defect in the main display, along with the measurements associated with it.

Defects in the defect map are color-coded by class and tool so you can see, at-a-glance, what type of defects were found.


defect map.png


Measurement Table

The measurement table gives you in-depth information and measurements to do with each defect found in the software. Measurements such as defect size, position, and intensity are all readily available in this view.


measurement table.png



Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane in Imageflow can be used in conjunction with these views in order to give you an indication of the position of a defect in the context of the overall web. The blue box shown below in the navigation pane, shows the subsection of the web where the main defect display/visualization is taken from.


navigation pane.png


OneBoxVision are experts in inspecting roll to roll, roll to sheet,plastic film, sheet to sheet and molded parts so we know that the ability to visualize defects is essential in any inspection system.

OneBoxVision's Imageflow software allows you to view images of defects found in your material, analyze the measurements associated with those defects and view the distribution of defects in the overall web.

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