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100% inspection tool for process control

Often it's difficult in high speed manufacturing to get good feedback on what you would consider obvious issues. Opacity measurement, color reflectivity in plastic film processing, textiles, coating variations for converters, formation analysis for non woven inspection and other visual measurements that change during a long run are not normally measured in real time and 100% inspection vision systems usually target defects that are visually obvious, ignoring the slow moving process issues that cost you dearly in the long run.

ImageFlow 6.0 saw the introduction of block statistics and the latest version sees that tool extended to include the use of balanced and calibrated color cameras. Now it is possible to map your product using CIE76 Delta-E.

It is possible to define how large each block should be, how much the blocks should overlap, setup acceptable tolerances, warning and error limits. ImageFlow will provide the operator with a real time map of the measurements while storing data and images for subsequent analysis.


Applications include:

  • Opacity measurement for plastic films
  • Color measurement on plastic films, textiles, and non wovens
  • Formation analysis
  • Coating inspection
  • Glue inspection


Learn about the advanced inspection and measurement tools now available in ImageFlow. Also learn about other ways you can improve your process using off the shelf vision solutions, reducing risk and reducing the cost of your CapEx budget.

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