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Key benefits of inspecting plastic film using cameras

Benefits of inspection on plastics

The modern extrusion and converting/laminating lines now use surface inspection systems as standard. Your customers demand 100% quality control.  All plastic film include some level of contaminates, arising from the production process or due to the nature of Polymers. Therefore gels are only a question of resolution. Extrusion and converting lines classify many defect types such as gels, black specs, fish eyes, holes, oil stains, insects, scratches, coating voids, air bubbles etc. These all originate from different issues but most all can have an impact on the further processing.

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Merry Christmas from Ireland

As it's Christmas, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business in 2019. It is people like you who make our jobs a pleasure and keep our business successful.

So we’d like to take this moment to send our best wishes to you and your families. May your Christmas and the new year be filled with much joy, happiness and success. We look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our business relationship continues for many years to come.

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Vision system networks will reduce CapEx and improve payback

Why industry is beginning to integrate machine vision as part of their industrial network.  The new way forward is to combine the use of embedded smart technology, imaging workstations and post processing solutions to optimize the payback of a vision system investment. Lets look at what's involved in building a vision network.

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New networked sensors change the game for surface inspection

A new range of  IP based line scan sensors enable a new approach when it comes to building surface inspection systems. Imaging systems can be installed on multiple lines and the video feeds made available for all active lines anywhere in the operating facility.

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Upgrading older camera inspection systems is a viable strategy

Obsolescence is often the logic that older equipment needs to be replaced. The operating system may be out of date, the cameras not available as spares etc. Its possible to take older inspection systems and rework them, reducing CapEx requirements and also risk. The following looks at the  costs, risks and benefits associated with upgrading your older print and surface inspection systems. 

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Surface Inspection for webs is one of the largest sectors for machine vision

The machine vision industry is diverse with applications ranging from robotic guidance to bio-metrics. Industrial manufacturers  are currently automating using machine vision to improve quality while reducing cost, and of course to enable process control.   One large sector in the area of web and sheet inspection. Key sectors  include the plastic film extrusion industry, the flexible packaging industry, converters of high value products such as film and foil, metal decorating, the label printing industry, the building and decorative products industry, the non-woven and technical composites industries. These sectors produce high volume, capital intensive products in roll and sheet formats. The annual market potential for machine vision in the roll and sheet sectors exceeds  €250,000,000 and like all other machine vision sectors is experiencing strong growth with CAGRs in some niches up to 15% . 

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How to choose the best location for an inspection system?

Choosing the best location to install an inspection system on your production line can often be a difficult decision. The key factors in choosing where to install your inspection system are discussed in this article.  

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Productivity tool for printing applications

Operator Assist

Learn about how Operator Assist allows the operator to view a Full-Screen video of the material while being inspected in real-time. We added a new button to ImageFlow RT to launch the screen.

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Building camera solutions  for converters

Inspection 4.0 for converters

The converting factory normally starts with a substrate. This can be paper , film, foil or sometimes a non-woven. More often than not it’s plastic film. Our  software is designed to inspect rolls or sheets of plastic. Usually a converter will pass the substrate through some other value added process, whether it’s printing, laminating, perforation or pouching. Sometimes it can be all of them.

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Key requirements when purchasing a 100% inspection system

What to look for when specifying a vision system?

Its all about delivering a quality solution within budget and on time. This can be summarized by looking at cost, capability, reliability and support. Most vision systems are now completely solid state, unless there are moving parts such as linear slides or conveyors to move your product. Modern systems use LED lighting , solid state cameras and often high performance processors with no mechanical disk drives.

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