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Smart converting using inspection data for track and trace

100% inspection system work flows

When manufacturing discrete items like boxes of biscuits, pharmaceutical products, cans and bottles there has always been the capability to inspect and reject. This has been taken for granted. When operating in a roll to roll environment the challenges are quite different. It is not always possible to stop the line so when a defect is detected it will continue to the rewind and become part of the product to be shipped.

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Understand the cost of upgrading vision systems for web and sheet inspection

The effects of choosing proprietary vision solutions become evident within years of a purchase. Imagine investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions in a network and finding out 5 years later that the complete system is out of date and cannot be modernized. Yes, you would seek out the purchaser and possibly hang them from the nearest tree. However it never fails to amuse me that the same thought process making sure office infrastructures are open systems, are not employed when purchasing an IT solution for the factory floor.

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New solution with print and surface inspection in one package

ImageFlow 7.7.1 now includes the following new features: 
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Tension on a web must be understood if using a machine vision system

Tension and the materials you produce make a difference to inspection systems. Another area where defects can be introduced into the inspection process is due to tension variation. This can happen where there is poor tension control, particularly when the tension is too low or due to the material properties of the web.

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Learn how rollers and web handling affect your 100% inspection system’s performance

The following article explains the many reasons why rollers (idlers) and web material properties can adversely affect inspection performance especially for 100% print inspection. Let's understand exactly the effects of idlers and web paths on your vision system. 

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Why print inspection is a requirement for the plastic packaging industry?

Understanding the printing industry

The printing industry is estimated to be the 5th largest industry in the world with global annual sales of over $240bn Printing is a part of practically all consumer goods, from publications to product packaging and labels. Based on research conducted by the Association for Suppliers of Printing and Publishing Technologies, the total installed base of printing presses is estimated at approximately 50,000 multi color web-fed presses (publications & packaging) and 100,000 multi color sheet-fed presses.  The print inspection industry has targeted a single segment of the printing market, the packaging segment.

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The reasons to inspect plastic film using a camera system

Benefits of inspection on plastics

The modern extrusion and converting/laminating lines now use surface inspection systems as standard. Your customers demand 100% quality control.  All plastic film include some level of contaminates, arising from the production process or due to the nature of Polymers. Therefore gels are only a question of resolution. Extrusion and converting lines classify many defect types such as gels, black specs, fish eyes, holes, oil stains, insects, scratches, coating voids, air bubbles etc. These all originate from different issues but most all can have an impact on the further processing.

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UK medical packaging leader uses vision to automated slitting process

SurfaceFlow inspects medical packaging for UK packaging supplier

A global packaging supplier contacted OneBoxVision to work with one of it's three UK plants. The plant required a validated plastic film inspection system that could classify holes and contamination and stop a slitting line to prevent the shipping of such defects to a medical pouching converter. The vision system must  inspect  plastic film for gels, specks, holes and contamination while controlling the machine if any of these exceeded a threshold density. Holes and insects were of course no-go defects.

Seattle based company automates it's injection molding process using vision

Automotive molded parts inspected automatically using    VisionFlow 

Seattle based molded part supplier to the automotive industry requested a system to take a wide variety of large parts, some 24" wide and inspect each part as it is placed on a conveyor by a robot and then removed. OneBoxVision developed the complete unit, including the transport and pre-configured to to be used for all SKUs.   The system was built using off the shelf components and OneBoxVision used  VisionFlow, a complete suite of vision tools for part inspection. This includes tools for measurement, defect detection and the part verification . The software supports machine parent control interfaces for conveyors, linear slides or direct PLC communications. 

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3D Pixa changes the game when it comes to 3D industrial inspection

3D Pixa can be used for advanced surface inspection

Surface inspection goes 3D but with a large field of view and high accuracy. The 3D Pixa can be used for industrial inspection using standard ImageFlow tools. Watch the presentation and learn more.

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