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Founded by Conor O'Neill in 2011 as an engineering company focused on software development and automation, our roots have always been in machine vision. Conor is a veteran of vision systems since 1988 developing systems in Japan, moving to the US in the nineties to work in the video analysis industry and then back to Ireland to enter the industrial market again.


OneBoxVision released it's first version of ImageFlow in 2013 and has just completed ImageFlow 6.0. Our mission is to enable industrial automation and machine vision applications by building  out of the box  solutions that do not require software programming

OneBoxVision moved to it's current location in 2013 and now operates the first purpose built machine vision laboratory in western Europe. The team continues to grow in  Ireland and Finland, and is now building a solution partner network globally. OneBoxVision's headquarters above is based in Ireland, with software development centers in Ireland and Finland, solutions partners in the USA , India and Brazil.

 Our mission

ImageFlow will continue to expand it's suite of algorithms. We intend to lead the way in Industry 4.0 solutions and have already integrated our vision cloud in our standard offering. The vision cloud supports elastic storage so important for deep learning and analytics. The vision cloud also enables sites to share video data for a variety of applications, including smart converting in the plastic industry, product tracking in all industries and customer support claim analysis. Contact us now to learn more.