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Inspection 4.0 for the converting industry

Inspection 4.0 for converters

The converting factory normally starts with a substrate. This can be paper , film, foil or sometimes a non-woven. More often than not it’s plastic film. Our  ASIX technology is designed to inspect rolls or sheets of plastic. Usually a converter will pass the substrate through some other value added process, whether it’s printing, laminating, perforation or pouching. Sometimes it can be all of them.

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OneBoxVision demonstrates molded part inspection at Interplas 17

OneBoxVision attended Interplas 17 in the Birmingham NEC center September 26th through 28th . Thank you all for stopping by to see a live demonstration of our molded part inspection software and roll and sheet inspection solutions.

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Incorporating Deep Learning will change how robots are deployed 

It is finally becoming a reality  that incorporating Deep Learning at the Edge has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way robots are deployed in manufacturing operations and machine vision systems.  The aggressive move by robot manufacturers to reduce costs make end of line inspection by intelligent robots possible to provide a payback. 

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How can Industry 4.0 help overcome quality and process issues?

IOT for machine vision networks 

Industry 4.0 thinking and the industrial Internet of Things are transforming manufacturing and industrial operations through deeper visibility, greater connectivity and enormous potential for improvement.

Companies using Industry 4.0 based principles are finding that they bring people, processes and equipment together, from vision sensors and smart cameras to entire machine vision systems. Connectivity deepens operators’ understanding of events and sharpens decision-making. The proliferation of smarter end points, data analytics, scalable computing, mobility and visualisation are reshaping the future of industrial automation.

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The different types of plastics

Plastics can be divided into two major categories:

1. Thermoset or thermosetting plastics. Once cooled and hardened, these plastics retain their shapes and cannot return to their original form. They are hard and durable. Thermosets can be used for auto parts, aircraft parts and tires. Examples include polyurethanes, polyesters, epoxy resins and phenolic resins.

2. Thermoplastics. Less rigid than thermosets, thermoplastics can soften upon heating and return to their original form. They are easily molded and extruded into films, fibers and packaging. Examples include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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Share inspection results via our data cloud and use three new 100% print inspection algorithms

ImageFlow 6.0 just got released. It's full of great new features with an  updated  100% print inspection solution for flexible packaging. We have added three new algorithms. one designed to detect streaks and splashes, one designed to detect low contrast defects such as hazing and the final one to detect color deviations and missing print. 

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Imageflow 6.0 with printed film inspection for flexible packaging.

ImageFlow installed on flexible packaging press

ImageFlow includes the 3 in 1 package for 100% print inspection on flexible packaging.  The  solution supports all commercial cameras and LED lights, enabling converters deploy high performance solutions at a lower cost with reduced risk. ImageFlow can be deployed for film inspection on any printing press, slitter, laminator or rewinder. The 3 concurrent print inspection algorithms are optimized to automatically deal with stretch , metallic inks and clear film.  

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OneBoxVision partners with Enpros in Brazil

OneBoxVision teams up with Enpros - Automação  to deliver inspection solutions for the Brazilian market.

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OneBoxVision deploys inspection on bag and pouch machines

ImageFlow installed on automated bag machine

Converters struggle to find out of the box solutions for bag and pouch inspection. The vision system must  do plastic film inspection for gels, specks, holes and contamination while also verifying the presence and quality of the tears and seams. The application also has to support the fact that there may be perforations in the film but random holes are not permitted. The plastic film inspection package VPACK-PFI is designed specifically for this application.

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100% Inspection System installed on extruder to inspect blown film with perforations

ImageFlow installed on extruder to inspect for carbon

Often when extruding plastic for use in packaging for food, carbon specks and contamination are not allowed. Our plastic film inspection package VPACK-PFI is designed specifically for this application. The software will detect the following:

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